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What Is Your Opinion?

Essential Question: Why is it important that we support our opinions with facts and reasoning?

Emily A.

A Day of Mourning or Celebration?

Essential Question: Should we celebrate Thanksgiving? Why?

Brandy B.

Similarities/Differences of Today’s World

Essential Question: How can we compare and contrast two current world events?

Cora B.

Coming to America

Essential Question: How can we relate to the Immigrant experience by creating our own imagined narrative?

Anna I.

Let’s Get to Know the Characters!

Essential Question: Depending on a character, how do they respond to a major event or challenge in their life?

Sarah N.

Your Opinion Matters

Essential Question: Why is it important to have your own opinion about certain topics? 

Kendall W.

Let’s Take a Roadtrip

Essential Question: How is persuasion present in our every day lives?

Catherine W.

Remembering Ruby

Essential Question: Why do we remember people from the past?

Jaden B.

Last modified: November 17, 2020