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Developed by Brandy B.

Edited by Miranda C.

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Essential Question

Should we celebrate Thanksgiving? Why?

Background Knowledge

Students should know that an opinion is what someone thinks of something.

Students should know that Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the US, celebrating the harvest and other blessings. 

Students should be familiar with the history of different Native American tribes such as Wampanoag and Lakota. 


Safety Protocol

Be sure to only use the highlighter on paper, not on your skin or clothes. 

Activity Procedure

Step 1: Watch the short video .

Step 2: As you are looking through the pictures and reading the text, I want you to start thinking “Should we really celebrate Thanksgiving?”

Step 3: Look at the first picture posted above. Write that down on your sheet of paper. 

What is the first thing you notice about it?

Step 4: Look at the next picture and repeat the first step. 

Step 5: Repeat the first step with the third picture. 

Step 6: Read the short excerpt from the Wamsutta Speech. Highlight things you think are important. 

Step 7: After reviewing these resources, do you still think we should celebrate thanksgiving? Why or why not? Form your opinion and go through the sources to find evidence. In order to form a strong argument, you should find at least 3 pieces of evidence to back up your opinion. 

Last modified: November 12, 2020