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Essential Question:

How can we compare and contrast two current world events? 

Background Knowledge:

Students will need to know the different parts of speech to create a diamanté, how to analyze primary sources/narratives, and how to compare and contrast ideas. Students also must know what a synonym and an antonym are.


Diamanté Example

View pictures of protests and coronavirus (world events):

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Additional arts and craft materials to decorate your poem

Safety Protocol:


Activity Procedure :

Step 1: Look at and analyze the two pictures of world events taking place today.

What kind of feelings are the people in these pictures showing? What kind of feelings do you get when you see these pictures? What do you think was taking place during this picture?

Step 2: Brainstorm using a list, concept map, chart, etc. the similarities and differences within two of the pictures.

How do you think these pictures related to today’s world events?

Step 3: Once you have found some similarities and differences within the pictures, create either a synonym or antonym diamanté poem that expresses thoughts or feelings of the two narratives. A diamanté poem is in the shape of a diamond and includes 7 lines.

Step 4: Your poem will have a total of 2 topics. One on the top line and one at the bottom line.  The topics will connect in the middle. You will begin with the first topic on the first line, by writing a noun related to that topic. On the second line, you will write 2 adjectives to describe the first topic that you have on line one. On the third line, you will write 3 verbs ending in -ing about the first topic. The fourth line will consist of either 4 nouns (2 about topic 1 and 2 about topic 2) or a phrase that describes both.  This middle or fourth line will be your longest and will be the turning point of your diamante.  The fifth line will consist of 3 verbs ending in -ing that are related to the second topic.  Line six will be 2 adjectives describing the second topic. Finally, on the seventh and last line, write your second one-word topic that is a noun. All of these lines should be centered in the middle of your page.


Topic 1: noun

Topic 1: 2 Adjectives

Topic 1: three verbs ending in -ing

4 nouns (2 about topic 1 and 2 about topic 2) or a phrase that describes both topics

Topic 2: three verbs ending in -ing

Topic 2: 2 Adjectives

Topic 2: noun

Step 5:  Students can use accessible materials to decorate their diamante with objects related to their poem.

Step 6: With parent/guardian permission, share the results of your activity on social media using #AUHomeWorks!

Last modified: November 17, 2020