Home Works Elementary Education Distance Learning Curriculum

Developed by Catherine W.

Edited by Miranda C.

Essential Question:

How is persuasion present in our every day lives?

Background Knowledge:

  • Students should be familiar with graphic organizers
  • Students know basic geography in the United States


  • Access to a computer if you choose to create your document on the computer
  • Paper, posterboard, and writing utensils if you choose to create your document by hand
  • pencil and paper to create your list and concept map

Safety Protocol:

Students should ask parent/guardian for permission before accessing technology.

Activity Procedure

Step 1: Imagine you are going on a road trip with your family to celebrate a holiday of your choice!

Where are you going and why are you going there? What four items are necessary to bring with you in the car?

Step 2: Brainstorm the questions listed above. On a sheet of paper, record the four items necessary to bring. Also, write down an explanation of why they are important.

Step 3: Using the information that you have brainstormed, create a concept map representing where you will go, the four items you will bring, and the reasons they are important. An example is attached at the bottom in resources.

Step 4: Create either an essay, poster, or flyer aimed to persuade someone that they should bring your four things on their road trip. This can be done on your computer or on paper. It is up to you!

Step 5: Use your creation to try to persuade someone in your house. Make sure

Step 6: With parent/guardian permission, share the results of your activity on social media using #AUHomeWorks!


Last modified: November 17, 2020