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Mixing Up Matter

Essential Question: How are new substance formed?

Grace B.

Cracking Into Matter

Essential Question: Where do we see properties of matter in our everyday life?

Logan B.

Seeing Sound

Essential Question: We know we can hear sound; do you think we can see sound? If so, how?

Annah H.

The Rain Has Come to Stay!

Essential Question: How does water travel? What is the water cycle and how is it important?

Olivia H.

Welcome to the Worm Hotel!

Essential Question: How do we interact with the world around us? 

Delaney J.

Soil Study

Essential Question: How does the movement of water through soil help people know where they want to build things?

Courtney K.

Free Falling

Essential Question: How does gravity affect objects on Earth?

Meredith L.

Distinguishing Between Living and Nonliving

Essential Question: What do you need in order to survive? 

Lindsey C.

Umbrella for Sun Safety!

Essential Question: What are some things we can do to protect ourselves from harm?

Megan S.

Ecological Footprint

Essential Question: How does our Ecological Footprint represent our life?

Sally S.

Mop It Up

Essential Question: How does an object’s material affect its absorbency?

Emily T.

It’s Matter No Matter the Size

Essential Question: Is a substance still matter if it is too small to see?

Caroline W.

Last modified: July 1, 2020