Home Works Elementary Education Distance Learning Curriculum

Developed by Caroline W.

Edited by Maggie M.

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Essential Question:

Is a substance still matter if it is too small to see?

Background Knowledge:

Children will need to know:

  • The matter is anything that takes up space 
  • Matter can change its physical state 
  • Matter cannot be created or destroyed 
  • The 5 senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, hear)
  • We use all our senses when we make observations


  • Balloon 
  • Water  
  • 1 cup 
  • Kool-aid single powered package 
  • Spoon  
  • Paper to record findings 
  • Pencil  

Safety Protocol:

  • If you are allergic to latex or Kool-aid mixtures, do not use these materials. You can use a paper bag as a substitute for the balloon.  
  • Use a cup that cannot be easily broken if dropped.  
  • Clear your workspace of important papers or items in case water or Kool-aid is spilled. 
  • In this experiment, we will taste our mixture, but you will typically NOT eat or drink during a science experiment. 

Activity Procedure:

Step 1: Get all materials and make a chart on your paper to record your findings.

Object or substance 
What senses can you use to make observations? Does it take up space? Does it have mass? Why or why not? 
Kool-aid powder     

Do you think any of these substances have mass? 

Step 2: Look around and use your senses to observe the air around you. 

Step 3: Blow into your balloon and fill it with air. Hold it tight on the end so air does not come out or tie it at the bottom. 

How did the balloon change when you blew into it?  

Step 4: Observe the air inside the balloon and the air around you. Fill out the air section of your chart.  

Did you change your mind about air having matter after your observations? 

Step 5: Fill your cup with water, and make fill out the chart for your water section.

Step 6: Open your Kool-aid package and look inside at the powder. Pour it into your cup of water and mix it with your spoon. 

Step 7: Once the Kool-aid is fully mixed, fill out your chart and make your observations. 

How did the Kool-aid powder change?  

How did the water change? 

Did the Kool-aid lose its mass when you mixed it with water? 

Step 8: With parent/guardian permission, share the results of your activity on social media using #AUHomeWorks!

Last modified: November 12, 2020