Home Works Elementary Education Distance Learning Curriculum

Developed by Sarah C.

Edited by Miranda C.

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Essential Question

How can citizens change their community?   

Background Knowledge

Students should understand that a community is a place where you live and interact with others. We work, learn, play, and discuss with each other in our community.  


  1. paper  
  2. pencil 
  3. crayons/color pencils 

Safety Protocol

Students will need their parents’ permission if they choose to mail their flyer. They will also need help addressing the letter and adding postage.   

If a student decides to snap a picture and email it, they will need help with finding the correct email address and sending the email.

Activity Procedures

Step 1: Gather all materials listed in the “Materials” list. 

What is a good citizen?

Step 2: Critically think or discuss an issue or problem in your community. Research may be needed to decide on a topic.  

How can you work towards being a better citizen?

Step 3: Brainstorm two reasons why change is needed related to the problem in your community. Record these reasons on notebook paper.

What are some ways you can make a change in your community?

Step 4: Create a proposal for your issue. A proposal is a plan that you come up with to help solve the problem. Your proposal should have steps for achieving the goal. It can be written as a list or as a short essay.

What are some responsibilities you have as a citizen in your school?

Step 5: Once you have made your proposal, use your materials to create a flyer that will showcase what the issue is that you are addressing and the plan that you came up with to help solve it.  

How does your local government help you?

Step 6: With parent/guardian assistance, locate the local, state, or federal government official that you could contact to get help with your problem. Remember, problems in your community are often best solved by first contacting your local government such as city or county officials.

How can you help your community?

Step 7: Send your proposal through an email or mail it in to their office.  

Step 8: With parent/guardian permission, share the results of your activity on social media using #AUHomeWorks!

Last modified: January 20, 2021