Home Works Elementary Education Distance Learning Curriculum

Developed by DeAngelo J.

Essential Question

How does where you live affect who you are?

Background Knowledge

Students should understand…

  • how each person’s “geography” impacts their community  
  • various cultures, places, and environments
  • the value of differences among people
  • the importance of respecting the opinions of others

Students should be aware of the five themes of geography:

  • Location
  • Place
  • Region
  • Movement
  • Human-Environment


  • Paper
  • Colored pencil, markers, crayons or paint

Safety Protocol

  • Be mindful of the sharp edges of writing utensils
  • Be careful with shades of ink possibly getting on surfaces

Activity Procedure

Step 1: Clear your work space. This way, you will have enough room to create your masterpiece.

Who are you?

Step 2: Gather the materials listed above. You do not have to use all the materials listed, just the items that you have access to (crayons, markers, paint, color pencils, etc.). Choose the materials that you want!

Where do you live? What community do you live in?

Step 3: Brainstorm and think about your geographic location/community. Fill in information about your community in the graphic organizer (see below).

What is important to you? Why are those things important to you?

Step 4: Select three of the topics (region, movement, location, human-environment, place) from your graphic organizer. Now, you are going to depict the three topics in an artistic way. For example, if you choose location, you would draw where your community is located.

What art piece do you want to design to represent who you are based on your geographical location?

Step 5: Create your masterpiece with your crayons, colored pencils, paint, or even chalk! Make sure to show who you are through your artwork.

How does your geographical location impact the things that are important to you?

Step 6: With parent/guardian permission, share the results of your activity on social media using #AUHomeWorks!


Last modified: November 17, 2020